Don’t Try Hiring a VA Without Reading This Blog First

Looking at hiring a Virtual Assistant? Woah stop here first! Before you go ahead and delve into the many options for Virtual Assistant’s out there, there are a number of super important factors to take into consideration before you do so. But why do I say this? There is such a thing as hiring an incompetent Virtual Assistant and trust me things can then be messy if you have signed into a long-term contract and now you are stuck with a Virtual Assistant that does not at all fit your business or your needs. Read to the end of this blog to find out the key aspects you need to be aware of before you go ahead.

First things to look out for

When searching for a Virtual Assistant, make sure that you check out her website and her social media. Why is this? The quality of service you will receive actually depends on this. A Virtual Assistant should have a professional website that explains exceptionally clearly what they offer, what their values are and how they plan to assist you as a client. This is your first glimpse into the service you will potentially receive from this VA in the future.


The most important aspect of working with a Virtual Assistant is communication. Working online is very different from working with an employee based in your office. The only way this relationship can work is by having exceptionally clear two-way communications between the two of you. Make sure that a discovery call is set up between you so that you can get a good understanding of what your future VA’s communication skills are like. Once you get on the phone with her, you will know in the first few minutes of conversation about her level of communication skills and also her professionalism as a Virtual Assistant.

Skills and Background

One of the other more crucial factors when hiring a Virtual Assistant is to take into consideration that the VA’s background has to have the experience and the skills that are going to be most beneficial to your business. Most of the time a Virtual Assistant comes with a Personal Assistance or administrative background automatically, but a lot of the time a VA can have an extensive other set of experiences that can really help you take your business to new levels. This can be services like social media management, bookkeeping, marketing, finances and so much more. This really makes a VA invaluable to your business, as she can assist you with a lot more than just setting up meetings and managing your email inbox.

Monthly Evaluation

The other big bonus about hiring a Virtual Assistant is you can choose to have a month to month contract with her at first. This safeguards you against taking on a VA in your business where she might provide you with a bad service or there is a potential personality  clash. There is nothing more awkward and draining than being stuck with a VA that brings your business down. A month to month contract ensures that you are in control of the monitoring and evaluation process. Make sure that monthly or sometimes even weekly check-in calls are set up. This will ensure communication on all levels and should there be any problems at all, these can be ironed out on these calls. Should you feel that something is not working the way it should or that there are tasks that could be actioned differently, this is the call that can sort this all out. By constantly keeping in contact with your VA, you will be able to see if this VA will work out for your business in the long-term or not.

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