5 Proven Methods for Accelerating Your Small Business

Did you know that by hiring a Virtual Assistant you can actually accelerate the growth of your small business? Yip that’s right! It 100% makes sense. If a Virtual Assistant is there to make your life easier, save you time and money, then that would then mean that with the new available time you reclaim back in your business by having a VA handle other time-sapping tasks, you have the freedom to work on aspects that you have had no time to work on in the past because you have been so busy trying to keep your business together, that you have had no time to work on anything else. This is what this blog is all about.


Delegate, delegate, delegate!

It is so tough to let go of tasks when you have been doing them yourself in a specific way for such a long time, but we all know that not delegating menial tasks will most certainly lead to burn out, either now or a few months from now. Delegation equals certain growth in your business. Why is that? Because while you are taking care of crucial aspects of your business, your admin, calendar, email, social media and any other tasks you hate doing are being taken care of by your Virtual Assistant, sounds good right?


Review your to do list

Make sure you jot down a list of what tasks you find yourself doing in a day, then in a separate column list down the tasks you absolutely feel is a waste of time or those that you really keep putting off and are now affecting your business because they are not getting attended to. The second list will most definitely be the list you will delegate to your Virtual Assistant (granted that she offers these as services to clients). Imagine taking all these tasks you dislike and handing them right over to your VA? Sounds like a dream.


Start planning your business future

Now you can start planning how you are going to fill this extra time given back to you by your Virtual Assistant, whether that be with more strategic growth strategies or with personal aspects of your life that you have just not had time for, like holidays, more time with your family or for pass times such as golf.


Don’t hold back on Utilising Your VA’s Talents

Your Virtual Assistant probably has many more skills you may not be aware of. Make sure you check in with your VA when taking her on into your company to find out if there is anything else she can possibly assist you with in your business. You will probably find that she can assist you with executing your marketing strategy, help to get your business out there on social media and stay in touch with your potential clients via email marketing. By handing these tasks over to your VA you can pretty much sit back and watch while your business starts growing, the way it was intended to.


Make your Virtual Assistant Your Secret Weapon

A Virtual Assistant should be a long-term investment. There is a difference between hiring a VA for a task here or there or truly investing in a long-term Virtual Assistant who can walk the entrepreneurial journey with you. We all know that it can be a lonely journey trying to navigate this path on your own, but you don’t have to. A Virtual Assistant can change the way your business and life is run. An investment that is hard to beat.

Have questions about how else a Virtual Assistant can assist you? I am more than happy to answer them for you. Set up a free obligation-free call with me here.